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Prof. Berruti to give a talk in Heriot-Watt University

Prof. Berruti, from Western Engineering in Ontario and member of Biochar Network, has been invited to give a talk on "Production Of Activated Carbons From Residual Biomass For Environmental Applications" at Heriot-Watt Univeristy in Edinburgh.

The talk will be held at 1:15 pm in room WP 1.10

Recent publication about Biochar Network

"Could biochar be the new black gold?" is the title of a recently published article in the last Issue (43) of Carbon Capture Journal.


Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice

Congratulation to Dr. Ajay Dalai, from University of Saskatchewan, on winning the 2014 Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice.


Carbon Capture

Carbon Capture

Multidisciplinary research in the sustainable production and use of biochar as a long-term storage for CO2 is still in its infancy. Research is ongoing on feedstock selection, optimal processing conditions, chemical and physical characterisation, long-term stability as well as effects on the soil properties and on plants and microbial species. 

The interaction of parameters affecting the production and use of biochar is very complex. Therefore, bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise, to answer the most pressing questions and to translate the latest findings into practical applications, is critically important. 

The recent creation of Biochar for Carbon Capture, a UK-Canadian network (sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust), will allow researchers to investigate the potential of biochar as a technically and economically effective method of capturing carbon in a stabilised form while increasing soil quality and thus adaptability of agriculture to climate change. 

Engineers and scientists from Canada and the UK will exchange methods and knowledge for biochar production to develop enhanced modelling methods to complement existing experimental data, and to position the UK and Canada as leaders in biochar production, utilisation and standardisation.